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Moscow tour
(18 images)
Date 21/08/2014


El Rocío, Huelva
(22 images)
Date 26/08/2012


Semana Santa Fuengirola 2012
(13 images)
Date 05/04/2012


Cathedral Mosque de Córdoba
(16 images)
Date 17/11/2011

The fantastic Cathedral of Córdoba, started in 600 by the Christian Visigotic church.
When the Muslims invaded Spain in 711, the Cathedral was devided between the Muslims and Christians. The building were enlarged in 961 and 987.
When the Muslims were forced out of Spain in 1492, the Christians continued to use it as a Cathedral without removing the typical Muslim parts. More information here from Wikipedia.

Trip to Morocco May 2011
(16 images)
Date 26/05/2011


Gran Corrida del Arte del Rejoneo - Marbella
(32 images)
Date 26/09/2010

With Ana Rita and Noelia Mota.

Gran Corrida del Arte del Rejoneo
(16 images)
Date 25/07/2010

With Ana Rita and Noelia Mota.

Trip to Morocco Jan-2010
(29 images)
Date 30/01/2010


Cuba December 2009
(56 images)
Date 23/12/2009

My trip to Havana, Báez and Santa Clara, Cuba december 2009.

International days 2009
(16 images)
Date 01/05/2009


Costa Rica 24.12.2008 to 02.01.2009
(56 images)
Date 25/12/2008


España - Alemania 29.06.2008
(16 images)
Date 29/06/2008

Pictures from the street just after Spain won the European football championship 2008.

A trip to Marocco
(8 images)
Date 22/05/2008


Corrida de Toros, Fuengirola
(16 images)
Date 14/10/2007


Lobo Parque II
(5 images)

Another trip to the amazing wolf park.

Lobo Parque Antequera (Wolf Park)
(14 images)

This is a large wolf park in Andalucía (Southern Spain) where Iberian, Polar and European wolfs and others are raised in a large area where they live as much as possible as in the wild. Click here for an overview and information of this excellent and exiting park.

Puerto Banus
(5 images)

The high class area in Southern Spain close to the city of Marbella.

London with the 5D and 50mm f/1
(6 images)

A few street views to test the new lens at f/1.0

Corrida Fuengirola
(23 images)
Date 28/04/2007


Kruger park Safari Feb. 2007
(42 images)
Date 11.02.2007

My first safari trip to South Africa, Kruger park and the Cape Town area.


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