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Connect a Linksys WET54G
Last updated 29.07.2007
How to format a 16Gb CF card
Last updated 05.03.2008
A program to download images
Last updated 25.09.2007
Copy a NTFS partition with Ghost
Last updated 26.08.2007

Setting up a Linksys WET54G Ethernet Bridge to connect to a public hotspot.

If you bought a 12 or 16Gb Compact Flash card and your camera do not support more than 8Gb, here is how to format it back to 16Gb if you accidently formatted the card in the camera (and you ended up with only 8Gb size on the card).

A program to download the jpg and the RAW images from your camera to separate folders. Link to the downloadable program.

Description how to use Norton Ghost 2002 to copy a NTFS partition and to restore the drive.

Setting up a 30" monitor in Linux
Last updated 29.07.2007

Setting up a 30" monitor with 2560 x 1600 resolution on Linux can be a PIDA. Check this link for an example of setting up this screen on Suse Linux (will probably work on other Linux distributions as well!). This page contains the "xorg.conf" file to be downloaded.